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Jeremy Page is the founding editor of The Frogmore Papers. His latest collection of poems is Closing Time (Pindrop Press, 2014). Born in Folkestone, he lives in Lewes.


The Lit Room

What the Photograph reproduces to infinity has occurred only once.
                                                                                                 Roland Barthes

They foresaw the glittering career
but not the heart attack
that would lay him low at fifty.

And to his left, with the smile
that’s half leer half grimace,
they got it right about him:

Suffers from lapses of sense
and good taste
– the damning
indictment of that last report.

I’m at the end of the front row,
so far along I’m almost out of the picture,
and that’s about right, too.

Jono’s somewhere near the middle,
where he belonged, where he belongs,
looking like he’ll live for ever.

And the camera captures the moment,
the unique moment: twelve of
England’s finest, about to make their way.

Savour the taste of that moment, boys,
it will never come again.

Savour well.


All Souls

My day of the dead
is not grey, nor wet,
does not fall
in October’s wake,
blown in by whatever gusts
Beaufort registers.

On my day of the dead
the sky is at its bluest,
clouds are wispy and benign;
the sun has rediscovered itself
and in the barn’s rafters
swallows celebrate their return.

[The Lit Room was first published in Closing Time (Pindrop, 2014). All Souls was first published in Brittle Star number 34.]
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