Monica Suswin writer

Monica Suswin is a writer in the developing field of reflective and therapeutic writing. Widely published in anthologies, she runs a studio retreat for women writers (
Snow Necklace

Ice crystals will cluster across her chest
cover incisions for tubes and clamps.

Now snug in a snow-suit
under a hand-knitted shawl.
There is no rise or fall
over breath.

We never knew the colour of her eyes.
They never opened for that first gaze
of mother. Nor for this winter snow.
The interlocking bones of god’s architecture
for Gillie

foxy slithers from under the shed
all hot stink seeped into layer upon layer of cedar shingles

whilst you are peddling along paths
leaving your valley, your tors
as I rake stones sweep dry leaves bones

until you arrive unbuckle panniers untether rucksack
too soon a wave, off you cycle
foxy’s skeleton harnessed to your back

spine against spine
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