Patrick Bond is a passionate admirer of John Clare, and the theology of Thomas Traherne.  He loves medieval alliterative poetry, and stands in awe of Geoffrey Hill’s poetry and thought.
For Thine is the Crow

flounce of a gesture in visitations of mist
Who in heaven ARE
high-rider involved in convoluted space
Hallowèd be thy NAME
numberless your sign, nameless on the wing
Thy Kingdom COME
crow, quizzical, raised eyebrows of sky
Thy Will be DONE
delicate pulse in three-dimensional fall
On Earth as in HEAVEN
haemorrhage of blood and black feathers
Give us this DAY
driven and drilled through skull-bone, light
Our daily BREAD
breach in secure protocols, death’s broker
Forgive US
armed and dangerous, the bullet-tribe, back-breaker
tripped and tripped-out, trepanned by convictions
As we forgive OTHERS
ordinary in plain sight, the crow’s flight
Who have against us SINNED
simple eruptions in the range-finder’s radar
Lead us NOT
never doubting, marked and strayed
turmoil of our reflexed delirium tremens
But deliver us from EVIL
effortless down latitudes of ecstasy
us, men, us, women, us, crows.

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